Who You Will Love


He will have a shadow of opalescent fire
He will buzz electric as a neon wasp
You will become lost in his eyes
But you do not love him yet

He will be drawn to you
In a confident way
He looks into the windows of your soul
His soul will know what he will face
You are not shy, because you know about him, now, without a word

When he talks, his voice will sound to you like a cello being bowed
What he says will be his grip on your heart
You are nervous at first, then relax, and begin to invite

His love will rush forward
At first you are wet, uncomfortable
But then, all is calm
And you are calm

And he speaks about faith in ways that
Consume you
Hold you captive
A new beautiful song
And you decide that he is the harmony to your melody

You will grow older together
Your life in color
Emerald green, sky blue, sodium yellow
Each one more beautiful than the last

You will grow close together
Your souls in color
Amethyst crystals, golden radiance
Each sparkle an iteration of an eternal loop

For as complicated as it is
It is also so focused on one thing, love
The love you have for each other
The love you have because the other loves God
The love you have for God
Which is new and more profound than it was yesterday

And this will be him
The only, for your life
What God has presented you with
Whose hands He had planned to join
From millions of years before

So,,,,,,, pay attention! Look! Find! Love!

This beautiful poem was written by Andrew Lutes =) and it has been a great gift for me in this Christmas =) Sometimes God speaks to us from people around us, specially those that are very special for us.



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