my letter to Ray Comfort (Living Waters ministry) about Audacity


Note. Mail sent to on Sept 20/2015

Hello pastor Ray,

This is Jacob from Mexico, I am an Evangelical Christian and currently I attend a local church which I love so much! My pastors and leaders there have been a blessing for my life for several years!

I had the opportunity to watch a video released by Living Waters a few weeks ago, Evolution vs God. This was the first video I watched from Living Waters and I really enjoyed it! After then, I decided to check out the other videos, which I really liked too but… there was one that I was waiting for its release but when I finally watched I totally disagreed with its content. This video is Audacity!

I could share here the reasons why I did not find that video very objective, either Bible-based, but full of Christian misconceptions about a situation millions of people, including devoted Christians are facing: homosexuality! The way this video speaks up about homosexuality was not really scientific either spiritual-focused.

I am a gay Christian, who struggled with this situation for years since I was 12 years old. Even when I decided to focus my entire effort and life on JESUS during the first years I discovered my sexual orientation, I needed to learn why God allowed this in my life! Now, I feel very blessed by God, learning each day more!

I came out to my pastor almost one month ago. I prayed to God for years about this moment! The church for me means a lot! My pastor and my leaders are people that I really thank God for! But my sexuality, I knew this since the beginning, could represent an “issue” for them! But, after years of prayers, trying to find the right moment, God led me to that meeting one month ago! I was very surprised for the way my pastor reacted! Wow! God had the control about that meeting completely! Now my pastor, who for me is a role model, decided to walk the second mile with me to study the Bible about what it really says about homosexuality in a very objective and spiritual way! And we are in this process! This means a lot a lot a lot a lot for me! 🙂

When I watched Audacity, I felt a discomfort for knowing that message which has been supported for the church for decades is now being spread by Living Waters! But instead of discomfort, I decided to move forward, trusting in God that His church needs to learn still more about us, people with a sexual orientation that does not fit in the “normal” conception of who a man or woman should be, but people, us, who really love God with all!

Pastor, I write this message not for arguing about this, but I think God is asking me to share more about what He has allowed me to learn in my process as a gay Christian. I would like to share with you this Bible study that helped me a lot to reconcile my faith and my sexuality. This study represented for me a great breath in that deep desert of loneliness in my teens. Here you have the link:

Hope this study can be used by God in your life. If you think a talk would be good, please let me know! It would be a pleasure for me!

God bless you, 🙂



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